About This Site

Jack's records - well, some of them

I live in Australia, arguably a wrong place to collect old 70/80s Japanese anime/tokusatsu LP records (mostly the robot/mecha ones), but I persevered.

This site will review those in my possession while I play them everyday. They skip and they create, at times, funny loops.
The reviews won’t be that serious, but you never know.
You will not find any downloadable/ripped collection here either; I will never do that – all samples here were recorded using mobile phones. When someday these vinyl records are broken, then so be it, let the memories linger in my head, not in my hard drive (or yours, haha).

I am not a collector as such, so I don’t keep them super pristine and store them in vacuum. I play them all the time, scratch them, step on them, spit and puke on them.
No, kidding.
But yes, I’m not fussed about them having an obi or not, inserts complete or not, etc. I just love to listen to them and I take care of them as required.

Record for Jack 2
JAKQ and Megaloman, Aging and Rampaging.

I watched (too) many robot anime and tokusatsu series with my cousins (thus the term “robot-watching-cousins-forum“) during the early 80s and I loved all of them except Gundam.

My name is not Jack, that’s my soon-to-be-born son.
Every time I spend considerable dimes on these singing frisbees, I tell my wife, it’s for Jack.

Twitter: @recordforjack

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