Saint Seiya Hit Songs Vol. 2 | CQ-7127 (1987)

Saint Seiya 2I smell something burning..

oh wait, no, that’s just my cosmos.

Here we go again, the second of many Saint Seiya vinyl record releases at your disposal.
I considered the series was too greedy with its’ never ending plots and extensions, and subsequently I also thought they’re less considerate¬†in releasing these records.
I only collect the ones covering the sanctuary chapter and after that, good bye Athena.

The Saint Seiya category is on the right navigation side as usual for future and past references.

This is a 1987 Nippon Columbia release. Standard single sleeve jacket, standard insert sheet, with fortunately, brilliant cover depicting the Steel Saints! My childhood robot-watching-cousin-forum’s eternal favourite.
This record, weirdly enough, gives away 6 post cards! Yes, post cards!

Saint Seiya postcards
Postcards from heaven

The sub-title for this album is “Character Theme”, so all ten tracks selected, five on each side, each of them can be associated to a Saint. It’s pretty easy to match a song to the owner; Diamond Dust, Nebula Chain, You’re Phoenix, Dragon Blood. See? No kidding.

I enjoyed this one a tiny bit more than the first release we showcased a while ago, but still, the album doesn’t make my cosmos goes ka-boom, it’s more like ka-ching.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No.

Here, a short sample of “Diamond Dust”:

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