Flashman OST Vol. 1 | CX-7274 (1986)

Flashman 1The tenth of the Super Sentai, the returning children of Earth, the Supernova team, Flashman!


OK, I think we’re there, we’re on the last Super Sentai series to release their OST/BGM/Hit Songs in vinyl record format. Oh how sad (edit: Not true! Maskman was the last one released on Vinyl as pointed out in the comments section below). Flashman itself, I think, had 2 OST LPs and 1 hit song vinyl on 33 1/3 format. All will eventually be featured and discussed here.

Don’t forget, to check all the Super Sentai records featured so far, click on the Super Sentai category on the right navigation. They’re not posted chronologically, so handle with care.

Next, quick childhood check; I didn’t have the toy, and I favourited Flashman simply because their combat suits looked so neat and cool, albeit the absence of scarfs. Their daily attires were also weird cool, and 90’s kids will find resemblance with those of Gingaman. Maybe it’s the way aliens roll. Total radical fashion sense. But 70/80’s kids still win this contest, just because we’re older. Period.

The record itself, an OST album, was released by Nippon Columbia in 1986. A standard stereo release, with so-so jacket, and without the usual hilarious pose of the antagonists. I was disappointed.
It featured sixteen tracks, eight on each side, and brought over the delight of eighties discos to the play. I felt the balance was done right, upbeat and calmer scores were arranged thoughtfully to give full series immersion.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends?I don’t think so, but maybe on a very tiring day.

Here, a sample from side-2 track 3; “Flashing, Rolling Vulcan!”.

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