Be Forever Yamato – Part 1 | CQ-7051 (1980)

YamatoWhat is humongous, ship-like object, wandering in space?

Space Battleship Yamato.

Wait, that is not a robot anime or tokusatsu series, why is it even here?


I’ll give you a quick tip if you’re new to the world of collecting old anime vinyl record / LPs. The truth is that you will bump into Yamato no matter where you look. Discogs, Ebay, your local flea market, and even if you decide to go digging in Japan, you’re bound to find at least one Yamato related release. The social immersion of Yamato is so significant, it is virtually everywhere and so cheap and totally not rare that you will not be able to resist at least grabbing one of them (which will be impossible, you’ll want all anyways).

I am a victim of this pre-condition, thus I also have a few myself. Generally, they’re boring in any of its’ incarnation; symphonic suite, OST, BGM, or any of the drama ones – I classify them as boring beyond borders. Like the doctors counterpart; but the doctors are obviously noble and respectable. Hats off Docs!

My robot-watching-cousin-forum, –if my recollection didn’t betray me– had a dip or two on the series, vague, but definitely we didn’t watch any of the feature length movie released back then. I watched it as an adult rather illegally.

This is a stereo Nippon Columbia release back in 1980. The jacket is standard, single record jacket, and the insert sheet is just so-so. This LP is the first part of two, although I wish this LP was part nothing of none, an LP which should not exist in the first place. A waste of time.

Obviously I am not a fan of Yamato, and I hereby relegate its’ rating to Gundam-level boring. Thirty seconds of silence please.

If the LP jacket was to be disguised as some random orchestra release, I would probably still able to enjoy it as I thought the musical arrangements were first class. But as the title suggested this was a soundtrack for Yamato’s third feature movie, then automatically it fell short. It is a baseless animosity indeed, but who cares.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends?Of course.

I dread this series, but here’s a sample to satisfy your curiosity. Side-1 track two.
When I listen to this, I picture Lone Ranger and Tonto.


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