Goshogun – Time Etranger | 25AGL-3004 (1985)

Goshogun Time EtrangerThe only genre that can replace the super robot anime genre is soap opera starring ex-super robot pilots.

Behold, the time etranger!

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This is the film sequel of Goshogun, obviously, and I didn’t watch this as a kid. I was a pure Super Robot watcher, a totalitarian, and I didn’t watch this because it was not rented in video stores it didn’t feature Goshogun the robot himself, and the event took place 40 years after the ending of Goshogun. This should have been called GoFigure.

This is, Remmy’s adventure in dream, and I cannot help but feel every feeling of solitude trying to be conveyed by this standard jacket Animage vinyl record. Every track seems to be digging into the depth of loneliness that only an ex super robot pilot can feel.
If this is the way of a super robot pilot, I suggest you tell your kids to just be a truck driver, brick layer, or something alike, less lonely.

This brilliant LP features eleven tracks, with six on side-1 and another five on side-2. Mood building at its’ best, and if you recently watch this film on any illegal streaming sites, you will feel it back again. The tracks take you to explore the untold time span of Goshogun’s ending and this sequel.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No. It is so sentimental and moving. Track selection, excellent.

Here, a four minutes (YES, FOUR MINUTES) sample from the track “The Time Etranger Instrumental”, side-2, track 4.
Remember, skip super robot piloting, stick to truck driving.

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