Kamen Rider Black OST | CX-7320 (1988)

Kamen Rider Black OSTMove over Hongo Takeshi, the real King of Kamen Riders is here.

The bearer of the King stone, the black sun, the one and only, Kamen Rider Black, Minami Kotaro!

Being placed so many years after ZX and so many years before Kuuga (I discounted Shin, ZO, and J blatantly, just because), I see Black as the singularity in the Kamen Rider world. That, plus the fact that it managed to force me to get up early on Sundays. My mother must be thanking him secretly back then.

This is the second Kamen Rider Black LP we’re showcasing on this site. The first one is accessible here, and as usual, the Kamen Rider category menu on the right side will give you more on the topic.

This time though, when I obtained this LP from a flea market, I was able to contain myself, and not doing histerical things like I did when I got the Hit Song album.

This 1988 Columbia stereo LP delivers just what’s needed to be the aural ambassador of Black’s greatness. The jacket itself is a standard one, simple and elegant, but probably border-line lazy. It lacks the usual radical pose of Tokusatsu series back then. Mine has lost its’ internal insert sheet, but it’s OK.

This album carries ten music parts, with additional TV-sized opening and ending as appropriate. I must say that I enjoyed the Hit Song compilation album more than this one, but don’t let this hold you back. You will still be listening to a great and balanced scores from the beloved series.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Without enough knowledge of Black’s adventure and perseverance, there’s a chance that you’d fall asleep. Unfortunately.

Here, a sample from the first part of side-2, titled “Cafe Tora”, but I am sure this is just a super laid back version of the legendary “Long Long Ago 20th Century”.

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