Patlabor – Intercept | 28L1-0004 (1988)

File_000Fair readers, if this brilliant police drama was to happen where I live, Patlabor would have been the protagonist, while Patliberal would be the opposite side.

Their sole goal would be to install a new prime minister once every full moon.

Happy belated Australia Day by the way, Advance Australia Fair!

This grand LP was the second of the Patlabor image sound track series. You can check the Patlabor category on the right navigation menu as usual, or head here to check the first one I showcased a while ago.

This Warner-Pioneer record was released in 1988 and should have won the best record sleeve of the century, dethroning that of Panzer World Galient which was released in 1984.
The jacket is subtle but tells a remarkably relatable visual imagining of Izumi’s desk (at least that’s what I was led to believe). If only that 98AV Ingram operation manual was real…

Musically and personally though, I enjoyed this second album less than the first one. At times, it felt flat and was really beckoning me to sleep. It is still excellent though by any standard, however I think imagination needs to play a big part for your enjoyment here. You will need to at least refresh your memory by watching at least the early years episodes of Patlabor, or watch the first two movies for effect.

Otherwise, will you be asleep before side-1 ends? 58.89673% yes.

Here, a sample per usual;

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