Bubblegum Crisis 2 – Born To Kill | LB25-5052 (1987)

Bubblegum Crisis 2 - Born to KillThere will never be any crisis of bubblegum; I see them in every store.

What I think possible is people with identity crisis chewing bubblegum(s) excessively.

This is Born to Kill, watch out!

This very nice stereo LP is the second of the Bubblegum Crisis sound track line up ever released in vinyl record format. The first one we talked about here, and for reference of past and future posts on the series, you can check the Bubblegum Crisis category on the right navigation menu.

And nothing really needs to be said for this sound track series, as all of them are brilliant beyond imagination. Bubblegum Crisis’ music compositions are one of the best, if not the best, in the history of robot anime genre.

First, total killer poster.

Bubblegum Crisis 2 Poster

This stereo Toshiba EMI record was released back in 1987 and carried five tracks on each side. A fine mix between vocal tracks and instrumental tracks.
It’s brilliant dear readers, brilliant!

From the first track (Mad Machine) down to “Dangerous” on the first side; they all offer very balanced mood build up and prepares you well for the ever explosive side two of the package.
My personal take is that this release beats the first release by a tiny margin. I love them both but this record’s progression pattern does propel my imagination further.

It’s already almost 11 PM here, so I am picking one “jog”-able sample track from side-1. Night exercise rules!

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