SPT Layzner BGM Vol. 2 | K25G-7295 (1986)

Layzner 2Almost three decades after watching it as a toddler without understanding squat; I finally found out that SPT stood for Super Powered Tracer.

I also learnt that IDC stood for I Don’t Care.

The first volume of the BGM album was my favourite, until this one took the throne. SPT Layzner’s destiny is to be a real robot with super robot class musical compositions.
Fortunately, this series is blessed with a lot of LP releases, so be sure to check the category on the right navigation menu or simply clicking here. I’ll showcase every single one of them.

This is a standard King Record stereo release back in 1986. Beautiful illustration on the sleeve and lots of anime stills on the insert sheet. The B2 sized poster added the overall charm of this release. A+++++++ again.

Musically, I was mesmerized by the flow of compositions on both sides of this record. Strikingly different from the first BGM album, this second one pictured Eiji’s solitude beautifully; –being an alien soldier amongst earthlings–, without having to sing  the series’ opening song; “Like Melos – Lonely Way“, which by any measure, too emo of a song.

The record carries fourteen beautiful tracks, spread evenly on both sides.
And again, thanks to the virtues of illegal streaming sites, I was able to fully enjoy this series as an adult. I also hereby, increase Layzner’s status to be a Super Real Robot, which is close enough to a real Super Robot. Layzner now officially only sucks 6/8 Godzilla’s ball. 7 Hoorrays!!

Here’s the poster:

Layzner 2 Poster

and will you be asleep before side-1 ends?

NO. Here’s a sample from a track called “Don’t Cry, Anna“.

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