Baldios OST | K25G-7053 (1981)

Baldios OSTMarin, the fixer, returns on this showcase post of the super robot Baldios, preventing unstoppable catastrophe to humanity, where earth is no longer earth.

It’s OK, I didn’t know what I typed either.

Unable to find illegal streaming source for binge watching this series again, I resorted to my vague-at-best memories from my childhood to provide context to the tracks I was listening from this 1981 King record release.

I failed, I couldn’t match any of the tracks to segments of memories already so heavily fragmented in my head, especially I think I got confused about which one’s which, between Baldios, Daitarn 3, and Zambot 3. They all look somewhat the same. Haha.

This stereo record is an “original sound track” album, so a bit different from the BGM one we previously showcased here. Fortunately, both are entertaining in their own ways.

This album carries 17 tracks, with side-1 containing 9 of them.
There are 4 vocal tracks, which in my humble opinion unnecessary.
Other than that, this is Baldios’ music indeed, even though you don’t remember the anime at all. The compositions are truly immersing you to the lone and dark feelings of space.

Here’s a poster of Marin;

Baldios OST poster

But! will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes. I was planning to write this post last night, but I fell asleep listening to the record.

Here’s a quick sample of the non-sleep-inducing one;

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