Dragonar BGM Vol. 2 | K25G-7343 (1987)

Dragonar 2What happens when you binge Dragonar as an adult?

You fall asleep.

Ladies and gentlemen, the metal armor (again!) Dragonar!

In an effort to provide more immersive experience to this showcase post, like what I did recently to some of the recent posts, I re-watched Dragonar on illegal streaming sites.

I fell asleep in the middle of episode… one.

It is true that the series promotes diversity and such, but as a kid, I thought it didn’t suck this much. It’s almost 21st century anime suck level indeed; or maybe I am just not that youthful anymore.
My cosmos didn’t burn properly.

But anyways, this LP is another excellent BGM collection for Dragonar (personally, I’d say it was meant to be Dragooner, but whatevs). The first one, you can re-read here, or click the Dragonar category on the right.

The compositions of side-1 are so hard-boiled and can propel any listener to space immediately after the rather lame opening song; the only vocal track on that side.
Side-2 hosted some of the more balladic numbers, but all as enjoyable.
Fifteen strong tracks in total, with seven on the first side, and eight on the other.

King Record released this standard jacket, stereo LP back in 1987, pretty recent by my standard. Like the first BGM album, this one of mine doesn’t have the poster anymore. Sad.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? NO! But you will fall asleep before episode 1 ends. Guaranteed.
There are two more on this BGM series, stay tuned!

Here, a sample of side-1 track 2!

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