Heavy Metal L-Gaim BGM Vol. 2 | K25G-7206 (1984)

L-Gaim 2How do you hide a heavy metal giant robot for fifteen years?

You don’t; you just drag it everywhere with you.

The rebels are back with Heavy Metal L-Gaim!

Time for L-Gaim! (again!)

OK, quick housekeeping; the first volume of this BGM series can be found here: Heavy Metal L-Gaim BGM Vol. 1 or you can click the L-Gaim category on the navigation menu as usual.

And, I also have managed to re-watch the whole series on some illegal streaming sites, and to my awe, now I like it as an adult!! Firstly because the numerous panty shots (and later on, boobies), and a minority second reason; the story.
I still believe that not-so-super robots like L-Gaim still sucks, but we can now reduce its’ suckiness to say,.. half-Godzilla’s ball? or a quarter?

Bottom line, watch it, but not with your kids. Maybe the reason why it didn’t register with me during the 80’s was the series was never meant to be watched by pre-kindy kids.
My parents’ parenting style continues to amaze me.

This King Record 1984 stereo release continues the tradition of gatefold jacket format, lots of animation stills (this time plus cheesecakes) and carries a total brutal poster with it. A++ collectability factor.

Musically brilliant, though I still like the variations of the first volume. The less up-beat tunes managed to build the ambience correctly without sounding boring although you are not watching the series scene by scene.
Eight tracks on side-1 and Nine on the other side.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No.

Here’s the poster of L-Gaim MK2:

L-Gaim 2 Poster

And this is the reason why it is now on my “like” list;

L-Gaim Cheesecakes
Cheesecakes be cheesecakes

Per usual, this is track seven of side-1;

BUT!! wait.
As I couldn’t find an instrumental version of “Starlight Shower” (L-Gaim’s ending song) in this release –they only put a Karaoke version–, so I decided to go back to volume 1 and showcase it here. This song is so great that I think all Robot anime should be using it as their ending song.

Here, スターライトシャワー, by no-one else but MIO.

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