Acrobunch BGM Vol. 2 | K22G-7122 (1983)

Acrobunch 2The most sensible step for an archeologist looking to uncover the deepest secret of some meso american legend is to build a super robot.

Because that’s what super robots are for.

Be silent…

Acrobunch, in my opinion, will never happen in China.
This is due to their two children policy (just revised their one child policy), and we need five children to make Acrobunch work.

Anyways, this is the second BGM album of the wonderful series. The first one was the first post on this blog, quite nostalgic. You can find it here, or by clicking on the Acrobunch category link on the right hand navigation menu.

Unlike the first one, this time I have been able to relive the memories fully through some illegal streaming sites. It was worth it, and reminded me how glorious this super robot was.

This stereo record was released by King Record in 1983, standard sleeved with Hiro and his dagger as the cover, a super sweet illustration sheet and a landscape orientated B2 poster of the whole Tatsuya family. Sweet.
This packaging is a dream for Acrobunch lovers. A++++ like those feedbacks on eBay.

The record carries a handsome 24 tracks in total, with tweleve on each side. Only two vocal tracks fortunately; the opening and ending.

Musically, not much different from the first one, although I prefer volume 1 more. The compositions are exactly how it was delivered on the series, grand, big band-ish, lots of brass and strings, mood boosters at their best.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, not with such great compositions.

Here’s the poster to make you drown in envy;

Acrobunch 2 Poster

And a sample from side-1, track six;

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