Gundam ZZ – BGM Collection Vol.1 | K25G-7294 (1986)

Gundam ZZA day with two Gundam showcase posts, something must have happened in the force. It’s not meant to be like this.

Because, what can be worse than Z Gundam we just checked?
Yes, Double Z Gundam. SML.

I hate Gundams. I must have stacked those Gundam records in the same rack. I pulled two in a day. I will do a riffle shuffle shortly.

Let’s quickly list ZZ Gundam’s virtues; First, in SRW you should upgrade the units because of their range.
Second; That’s it, no other virtue of this stupid muppet show.
Please don’t let your kids to watch any Gundam. Let them watch robot shows on which the robots are mostly controlled just by shouting, the way it should be. Natural language processing at its’ best; Aural processing at the speed of light.

This stereo King Record LP was released in 1986, standard jacketed release, with semi-decent insert. Notes about Judou and his fellow scoobydoo squads.
Mine’s got a “rental” sticker on the cover. Shit.

This record sports seven tracks on side-1 and eight tracks on side-2. As this is a BGM collection, fortunately we only need to endure two vocal tracks.

Overall, the compositions are so-so at best, for me it failed to relive the mood set in the series. It picked some light popsy (what’s this???) tunes which were not authoritative enough to drive our mood towards the battle of the Argama (Look, Eventhough I despise Gundams, I kinda watched them all, just to be able to pick flaws, and spread words of hatred).

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? I suggest you do.

Here, a sample from an instrumental version of the opening song; Anime janai.

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