Gundam Z – BGM Collection Vol. 1 | K25G-7245 (1985)

Gundam ZI can’t believe I start the new year by showcasing a Gundam; but well, that’s what the fingers pulled randomly out of the rack.

So here we go, Happy New Year, and listen to a bit of a Universal Century music.

Here’s a quick reminder, I hate Gundam(s). Naturally I feel a certain animosity towards them as I do towards cockroaches. If all other super robots donate their metal balls for the Gundams to suck, it won’t be enough punishment.

Bottom line, Gundams suck balls, planets, comets, and all other things suckable.

When I bought this record, it was wrapped in shrink wrap, so I was unable to quite distinguish whether it was a pack of beef sausages or a vinyl record per se. It turned out it was a record. I refrained from eating it, and quietly shelved it.

BUT! the quality of the compositions are praise-worthy, and the sequencing, brilliant. I will not comment further because … Gundam sucks.

This stereo King Record 1985 release carries twelve tracks in total, with six on each side. Funky melodies, progressive bass lines, and assertive rhythms are all present and they colour this record with A+ class compositions. Still, Gundam sucks.

The insert sheet is not too shabby as well, some illustrations of Kamille’s mobile suit and his equally shitty companions.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Unfortunately No, but Gundam still sucks.

Here’s a sample from side 2, a tranquil track called Kyoko’s Sky.

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