Techno Police 21C | JBX-25006 (1982)

File_000If the local police equipped themselves with these robots, I reckon lots of kids will be visiting the police station. They would have thought it’s a theme park.

Robots not belonging to the super robot caste are dull, dumb, and undeserving. All of the police robots in this movie were like that, and I can say the same of the other characters. This is a movie that you should not watch, even when it’s free.

BUT the music is amazing; is it the sole work of Hisaishi Joe that saved the day? Maybe.

This Victor standard stereo LP was released in 1982, with standard jacket and standard insert; everything about this record was so-so until you start listening to the music. Every part of it was composed superbly and sequenced masterfully to create a dynamic listening experience. It’s like hearing the rhythm of Sentinel City and its’ citizen’s dynamics morphed into tracks of magic. [disclaimer: I have no idea what I just wrote]

This record carries ten godly tracks, with five on each side.
My wife’s seal of approval fell on track number 3 of side-1; Sentinel City (according to Wikipedia it was Centinel City, but screw you Wikipedia, I don’t believe you).

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? There’s a bit of possibility, especially if you consider yourself to have poor taste in music. For the rest of you, rejoice! Get this LP at all cost, but don’t see the film.

Here, a sample of side-1 track 2;

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