Dunbine | K22G-7132 (1983)

Dunbine 1Mystic and Majestic, the flying aura machines of Byston Well roared to the sky.

As MIO would scream in the opening song; “Dunbine, Fly!”

Dunbine was so mystic that my robot-watching-cousin-forum couldn’t really understand whether those were just robots or some kind of hocus pocus traditional armor flying on incantations.
Well, to be honest, we never understood squat what we were watching, so yes, ignore; these were epic mystic armoured mecha from Byston Well, –the world underneath us–; maybe just like Australia (we know it’s there, just nobody cares. Haha).

Just a quick statement on Dunbine on Super Robot Wars; I found it rather useless, but I upgraded anyways, just for the sake of it.

This BGM LP was released in gatefold jacket in 1983. Stereo King Record usual stuff, nice packaging with lots of animation stills on the insert sheets. There are tons nude fairy pics, if you’re into that niche thing. I rest my case, the world is quite enough, thanks.

I truly enjoyed this collection; MIO sang both opening and ending songs. In 80’s anime song scene, she was a power house indeed; bar none. The rest of the BGMs were masterfully sequenced; the upbeat compositions were the occupants of side-1, while the slower and more tranquil ones were placed on side-2. Sixteen top-class compositions.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, No, No, even my 4 months old son listened with me throughout during the day. He cried a bit, but that’s because he wanted to poo.

A poster of Sho’s fairy; Cham.

Cham Poster

Here, a sample of MIO’s 見えるだろうバイストンウェル

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