God Bless Dancougar | K25G-7339 (1987)

File_002God Bless Dancouga(r), and nowhere else.

Why do I have the feeling that I wrote this before?

It’s because I did, and I still don’t know what to write as an opening paragraph for Dancouga(r) LPs, so a little repeat won’t hurt.


Before we begin, a quick housekeeping statement. I haven’t written any update on this site for a while, almost two months actually. It’s because I was recently immersed in a new hobby that is Magic the Gathering. I have quickly amassed tons of vintage cards for my taste, and it tastes good.

OK, now let’s continue with the LP showcase.

This is a BGM album released by King Record in 1987. The packaging so-so, doesn’t carry poster, but the music is great. Fusion fans will feel straight at home with these grand tracks.

This stereo LP carries seven tracks on each side; and because this is a BGM album, a couple of vocal songs are more than enough. My wife gave her stamp of approval when I asked, so there you go, at least one other person in the world did enjoy this album.

The cover is too emo for a total badass combiner robot, but I can’t complain.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, the compositions are top notch and sequenced nicely to build up mood and spirit.

Here, a sample of the third track of side two;

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