Iczer One | LB15-5005 (1985)

Iczer OneSuper Robot is definitely the best anime genre; but Girls piloting or fusing or controlling Super Robots is even better.

Fight! Iczer One!

I watched this as an adult, so yes, loved it. Haha.
If you played Super Robot Wars L, then I think we can all agree that Iczer is worth the upgrade investment.
Total badass in the end.

This LP is the first 45 RPM LP to be showcased on this website.
Toshiba EMI via Futureland released this neat standard package stereo LP in 1985.
It contained six tracks in total with three on each side.

Anything done on the second half of the eighties are usually dancy-dancy tunes, and this one’s no exception.
This LP carried two vocal songs, opening and ending. The rest of the tracks fell perfectly in between.
There will be a few more Iczer LPs to be showcased here, watch the space.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, the duration of each side is too short to induce lame-tune-driven-drowsiness.
My wife sent her seal of approval by not turning my record player off mid-way.

Here, a sample per usual;

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