Changeman | CX-7220 (1985)

ChangemanNo military is a true super power without the help of mythical beasts.
Changeman can certainly vouch for that.

Arise, the ninth of the Super Sentai, the blitzkrieg team, Changeman.

One of the most action packed Sentai series as I recalled from my happy toddlerhood. And more so because it was themed around military; and I wanted to be a soldier.
I didn’t have the toy of Change Robot, but I had the Change Pegasus (now without his left arm).
The box is still there now. Fist bump, mom.

This Nippon Columbia LP was released in 1985, and it was a stereo one.
Fortunately enough, this one was a BGM LP, so it only had two vocal songs out of the evenly divided twenty tracks.
Not that I had any grudge against Kage, but every song was better without him.
Even my wife repeated the whole side-2 because she liked it.
Dance-able she said.
I’ll take that.

There’s another Changeman LP, which unfortunately was a hit song LP, full of Kage. Dammit.
It will be our source of future pain, hang in there.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, I felt the compositions were placed meticulously to build up the mood.

Here, a sample of the first track of side-2;

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