Ultra Seven | SKK(H)-2128 (1979)

Ultra SevenIf Moroboshi Dan was in Australia during his adventure, his transforming gear would have been sunglasses.

Fitting for all year summer.

Behold! The respectable Ultra Seven!

For my childhood robot watching cousin forum, Ultra Seven was a few levels above Ultraman, mainly because he’s predominantly┬áred coloured, not white. Red was always cooler.
One of my cousin had his transforming glasses, I didn’t.
I liked Megaloman.

This King Record LP release was the second one in the Original BGM Series.
It came with a neat gatefold format, with interesting tidbits on its’ mainly black and white insert sheets.
Like the Ultraman BGM before this one, it came packed with 26 tracks, thirteen a piece.
The back cover, as usual, was hilarious. Seven was doing an invisible clean and jerk lift.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes, of course.
BUT, as with other senior heroes, you should persevere and just listen. It’s all about respect.
My wife thought Seven was like a Teletubby. She didn’t know what she was talking about.
Repent wife! Repent!.

Here, a respectful sample per usual.
You can teach your babies the number “7” using this song.

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