Saint Seiya | CQ-7124 (1986)

Saint SeiyaInside your heart, there’s the cosmos.
It can explode.

Be careful.

Every boy I knew¬†probably made the same mistake. A mistake they wouldn’t want to even remember.
All my robot watching cousins knew this.

We all thought Andromeda was a girl.
Enough said.

Nippon Columbia released this all vocal stereo LP back in 1986.
It’s the first of a series. We’ll cover them all eventually.
The LP itself was minimalistic, standard cover and two pages insert sheets; some pictures and lyrics. Mundane.

Thinking back, if this series wasn’t that greedy and kept on going seasons after seasons, probably it would have snatched my respect as a better series than Shurato. Unfortunately it didn’t.
I loved the first Sanctuary arc, and then the rest, I stopped caring.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No. Make-Up (the band) did a pretty good job stirring your memories of the battle for Athena. Just don’t look at their pictures. Focus on the saints, for your own good.

Here, a sample.

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