Govarian | K22G-7144 (1983)

GovarianThis robot or armor had some sort of psychic energy powering it.
I just bet that nobody would read it that way.

This robot needed to be in asylum, or under constant observation!

Being a robot which resembled Mazinger Z must have been hard for Govarian.
We should take time to understand his pain.
But he was rather blocky and square-ish, not cylindric like his senior.
My robot watching cousin forum agreed that Govarian was an evolved and modernised version of Mazinger.
We even thought Isamu was Kouji.

This King Record LP released in 1983 was packaged neatly in a gatefold jacket.
The illustration, decent, and the poster, maginificent.
This stereo LP had five tracks on each side, and only two vocal songs in the beginning and ending.
All in all, a satisfying catalyst to re-enact the robot battles Govarian did.

Here, the poster;

Govarian Poster 2

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, the tracks are arranged neatly and managed to balance the action and the drama mood of the series. Top stuff!

Finally, a short sample;

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