Byclosser | 23AGL-3001 (1985)

ByclosserIf you’re red, you can be my brother!
If you’re blue, you can be my brother too!

We’re the brothers, Byclosser!

Shotarou Ishinomori has done it again, creating weird looking helmet wearing super hero.
Machine Man was ridiculous,  Byclosser was hilarious.
I don’t want to comment any further, it messed up my sense of purpose.
I certainly wasn’t impressed when watching this as a toddler, but I recalled there were some fanatics in our group.

This was an Animage LP release back in 1985.
Mine was actually a promotional sample, I bought it on eBay, but who cares.
The packaging minimal, some pictures, and unfortunately mine no longer had the poster.
I like posters.

This was a passable BGM album at best. While it managed to bring the memories back, it wasn’t enough to keep me awake until the end of side-1.
Seven tracks on each side, they felt like eternity. Boring.

So, will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes, probably you’ll fall asleep before your record player head touch the disk’s surface.

Seriously, their helmets seemed to have belts around them.

Here, a reluctant sample;

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