Yoroiden Samurai Troopers – Best Friends | 256R 6 (1989)

Yoroiden Samurai TroopersMagical armors and friendship!

The burning youthful spirit and the exploding love of peace!

What the hell am I talking about.

If you knew this as Ronin Warriors, well, … high five.
I didn’t watch the original Japanese series during my not so toddlerhood, but it’s okay, they both sucked anyway.
Of the three armor donning heroes I remembered, this was the one I liked the least, way below Shurato and Saint Seiya.

Miraculously, this LP, which was a second album of the series (I wanted to write about the first album, but I took the wrong one from the storage), was as bad as the series.
It’s a perfect match, I am so embarrassed.
I felt like listening to early 90s Japanese drama theme songs, and blushed a bit.
How could you not.. the first track was called “Rainy Lazy Morning”.
How are you going to save the world from evil with a song about … a rainy lazy morning?!?!?

This was a King Record LP, released in 1989, and had five tracks on each side.
A vocal album, not a BGM one unfortunately.
Packaging was minimal, and to make it worse, mine no longer had an Obi.
I do accept donation of your better preserved collection.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes, Of Course. My neighbours were probably all sleeping while I was writing this. It’s pretty late here indeed.

Here is a sample of the “Rainy Lazy Morning”.

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