Srungle | JBX-25015 (1983)

SrungleMissioooooon Outer Spaaaaaaaaaceeee …
Gorilla, Gorilla, Gorrila, Hey!

If Jim Phelps had Gorilla’s armament, the TV series title would have been called “Every Mission is Possible”.

Not realising the existence of this series during my innocent toddlerhood, I quickly picked it up right after I finished listening to the record for the first time.
I could say that Srungle fell under the category of so-so animated story with excellent to genius musical scores behind it.
But since this one’s more real-robot-ass-wipe-bull-crap than a super robot series, I gave it four mecha godzilla balls to suck. Complimentary.

This LP was released by Victor in 1983. An excellent LP from all sides. Balanced and able to convey the series’ mood brilliantly.
Packaging was minimal, with normal insert sheets. Characters and mecha intros, all standard stuffs.
The first five tracks placed on side-1 served as a great opening to the immersive experience.
The real deal was the tracks on side-2. Six brilliantly composed and placed tracks, from dynamic to tragic, all in one perfectly executed train of compositions.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No! This is a piece of art.

Here, a sample of a quiet track from side-2;

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