Gatchaman | CX-7024 (1981)

GatchamanGatchaman is one of those series with successful western adaptation, at least in my opinion.
I watched the original, and then Battle of The Planets, and subsequently G-Force throughout the years.

My memory of Ace and Dirk is as strong as my memory of Ken and Joe.

Well done localisation guys, well done.

I enjoyed this series so much as a kid; transforming a turboprop plane to a badass mecha plane? just right my alley.
And there were deaths!! Yes, I loved this theme as a kid, every time part of the good guys got killed, it made me sad, but it also propelled the adventure spirit into the next level!
Revenge was in the air.
I had the same feeling when watching Seiji of Megaloman died, also Tiger Joe’s death (Lion Maru) -even when he was rather villainy-, and of course Zambot 3‘s many deaths.

This excellent BGM LP was released in 1981 by Nippon Columbia and featured eight tracks on each side.
The opening and legendary ending song was presented as the TV size version, and the rest of the tracks immersed you directly into the memory of the battle against Berg and his minions.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? NO, big No.

Here’s a short sample from side-2:

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