Trider G7 | K22G-7015 (1981)

Trider G7This was a story about Bruce Wayne … Watta, an underage robot pilot flying Trider G7, the badass Sunrise super robot who could transform into, guess… , 7 forms.

Although I could almost certain I watched this as a kid, I was vague at best about the story line, so I watched it again few months ago.
Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed the straight forward and light theme of the series.

This was a King Record LP, released in 1981, and the package was very good.
Gatefold format with lots of illustrations on the insert sheets. It also carried a very nice poster.
But most of all, was the fact that this was a BGM LP, my favourite kind of album.

Overall, it suited the series theme, and I felt happy listening to it, especially jumping a bit to the compositions on side two.
This album had sixteen tracks, eight a piece.

Here’s the poster;

Trider Poster

And, a sample per usual;

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