Orguss | ANL-1009 (1983)

OrgussAs a toddler, of course, I didn’t know which one was Macross and which one was Orguss. They looked the same, …and they still do.

This is another military-not-so-super robot bull crap, Orguss!

For me (and many of my childhood robot watching cousin forum’s member), Orguss will always be a lame version of Macross. That’s it.
Like countless incarnations of Gundam, Orguss’ story line was a fight for the space elevator.
Maybe if they’d consider building an escalator instead, it wouldn’t have drawn so much blood.

There’s something rather sexual on the insert sheet, but I’ll leave it there for your imagination.

This was an Animage LP released back in 1983. Twenty tracks in total, ten in each side.
The packaging was minimal, not much extras included.

The compositions and tracks were hits and misses, I felt discontinued here and there, but also able to pick up the space battle mood in lots of segments.
My wife liked it becase the cover of the LP was cute.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? I’d say 75% possibility, yes.

Here, a sample to let you decide.

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