Galient | K-10029 (1984)

GalientIf the German had these super panzers, Eisenhower would have had to ask for help from the Boazan empire and the Mechazaurus leadership.

Lucky they didn’t.

Prince Jordy’s adventure, I must say, was a rather passable story albeit its’ interesting setup of the universe and characters.
The content of this LP, I must also say, was totally passable by every measure.
My wife fell asleep while listening to it (which is good, in a way), but then I fell asleep too.
A total snorefest. Thanks Prince Jordy.

This LP’s cover, however, should win an award because of its’ elegance.
The cardboard feeling and the subtle illustration did the job very well.
Style over substance.

This one was released by Warner Pioneer in 1984 and had eight tracks on the first side, and seven on the other side.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends´╝čYES, before the first song ends. EUROX sucks Megaloman’s balls.

Here, a very unnecessary sample.

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