Gaiking | CX-7044 (1982)

GaikingSanshiro was no Targaryen, but he sure rode bigger dragon, The Space Dragon, Gaiking!

cue – opening song; which always makes me want to march in embarrassment.

As a toddler, I was often confused between Gaiking and Daltanious.
My childhood robot watching cousin forum’s habit of alternate viewing between super robot series didn’t help.
I was inundated with super robot of similar appearances, but Gaiking’s theme saved the day.
I hum it still sometimes, to my own disgust.

This BGM LP was released by Nippon Columbia back in 1982, and had six tracks on side one and five on the other.
The insert sheet was minimal, few animation stills and stories accompanying the music. Standard.
Gaiking should have been a showcase of grandeur, almost as senior and grand as Mazinger, and Jeeg, and Grendizer, but this LP failed to deliver.
The flow between compositions couldn’t even help me immersing myself into the storyline written on the insert sheet.
I felt hollow, and disappointed.
My wife agreed although she didn’t know what she’s talking about.
She wasn’t born when the battle against the invading mutants begun.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Sadly, yes.

A sample, nonetheless.

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