Dynaman | CQ-7079 (1983)

DynamanThey didn’t wear scarves!!

My childhood robot watching cousin forum was devastated by this very fact.

The seventh team of the Super Sentai, the first without the scarves, The Science Team, Dynaman!


Being the succeeding team from Goggle V, Dynaman had some big shoes to fill, but me and my cousins enjoyed it probably even more.
The theme song was so energetic it exploded our cosmos inside.
Bakuhatsu all the way.

This Nippon Columbia LP was actually a “hit song collection” record, it mixed glorious vocal songs and a few BGM tracks for the sake of continuity and mood building.
Fourteen tracks in total, spreaded evenly on both sides.

Weirdly enough, this LP didn’t have the usual hilarious villain group pose per a normal Super Sentai LP.
I felt something was missing.

But fear not, the compositions and continuity were well taken care of.
The beat and tension buildups on each side was done masterfully for your enjoyment.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? NO! Dai, dai, dai, dai, dainaman!

Here, a sample to confirm;

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