Bioman | CX-7163 (1984)

BiomanLadies and gentlemen, Team number eight of the Super Sentai universe!
Descendants of planet Bio! Bioman.

Bioman also opened old wounds…

Almost thirty years ago, my mother miraculously decided to buy me a new toy. It was THE Bio Robo.
I was so excited I played the toy non-stop during the trip back from the shop to our house.
Few minutes after we arrived, and I went to my room, I realised I had severed Bio Robo’s leg.
Only the left one remaining.

I wept.

This excellent BGM LP was released by Columbia back in 1984.
It contained seven tracks on side one, and another seven on the other side.
All of the tracks, including the prologue and epilogue, wrapped tight the memory of Bioman to me while listening.
This LP showcased dynamic beats and heroic tunes to help propel our heroism needs!!
(disclaimer: I had no idea what I typed)

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, of course not.

Here’s a sample for your enjoyment.

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