Zambot 3 | SKD(H) – 2004 (1979)

Zambot 3I wasn’t quite sure whether the opening song of Zambot was a worse tragedy than its’ legendary tragic story.

Anyways, … Three three three! Zambot three!


Zambot 3 and Game of Thrones; what do they have in common?
Death toll of the good guys. Yes, true.
Aside from the Nagahama trilogy; Combattler, Voltes, and Daimos, Zambot 3 was one of the super robot to speak of utter tragedy. Death was in the air space. You have been warned.

This neat gatefold LP was released in 1979 by King Record as a monoaural record. Excellent.
Zambot 3’s tunes were those ones which will grow on you after a few rounds of listening.
I thought the opening song was ridiculous, but then a few hours later, I hummed it unconsciously.
I gasped, but it was too late. Zambot was inside me.

The side one of this LP sported BGM tracks, all ten of them. They grew on you, no kidding.
The other side was actually a recap of episode 22 and 23 from the anime, where those pilot deaths happened.
If you wish to re-live your memories of the events, the insert sheets had plenty of stills to help you get there.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, you’ll feel something growing inside of you.

Here, a sample.

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