Sun Vulcan | CZ-7160 (1981)

Sun VulcanWhat two things do Miss Universe(s) and Sun Vulcan have in common?
They both love world peace and I forgot the other one.
I was going to have something witty, I swear.

My wife was engaging me in a very important conversation about an episode of Black Mirror.

Anyway! The fifth of the Super Sentai!
The sun …. solar team! Sun Vulcan!

First let me brag a little bit that I still have my Sun Vulcan robot toy in my mother’s house.
More than thirty years! Legend.

Sun Vulcan was the first series to feature three men team (well, actually four because VulEagle was replaced, he went to NASA for better salary and ease to travel using a new American passport).

This gatefold LP record was released by Nippon Columbia in 1981, and the cover was awesome.
VulEagle was doing a perfect side kick to a bull monster. Must be a black belt.
The katakana read “Super Action Sound”. It was indeed.

As the year was 1981, of course, when you’re lucky enough not to get Mizuki Ichirou, you were bound to get Kushida Akira.
And there you were, Kushida Akira it was.
Unfortunately this wasn’t a BGM LP record, so you’d hear vocal songs here, no complaints on the selection; I felt rewarded.
Five tracks on each side.

Will you be asleep before side one ends? No, have a look at this ridiculous pose by Hell Satan and his cronies.

Hell Satan Gang
Total Rad Pose from Hell

Here, a sample per usual.

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