Sasuraiger | K22G-7135 (1983)

SasuraigerAdventures of blues and rock and roll.
The third of the J9s, The galactic whirlwind, Sasuraiger!

Chooo… chooo …!!

My robot watching cousins forum agreed, Sasuraiger, or Wonder Six as we knew it back then, was the youngest and the coolest of the J9 brothers.
He didn’t have moustache like Braiger and Baxingar, and he transformed into a train!
Thomas the tank engine didn’t even have a chance to influence our childhood.
Unlike the world war 2, the war was won by the Japanese.

If you’ve read the previous two reviews of J9 BGM records, you’d know that the musical quality of the series was up there.
Genius level border line Chuck Norris.

This LP also didn’t disappoint (of course, it had poster as well). Eight tracks on each side provided total enjoyment while re-watching the series.
I didn’t understand squat when watching this as a kid, but the fact that it transformed into a train was enough for me.
King Record released this record in 1983, and it was a stereo record; ..shame.

Will you be asleep before side one ends? No! The composition selections top notch! fluid transitions between tracks.

Here, enjoy the sight of the poster as well.

Sasuraiger Poster

And, a sample per usual.
And don’t worry, I still have lots of J9 series LP records to be showcased here. We’ll get to all of them. Stay tuned.

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