Raideen | CX-7003 (1980)

RaideenTwo decades before Rahxephon, the mystic robot appeared!
This is Raideen in all its’ glory!

Fade in! Fade In!

If you played any of the super robot wars game featuring Raideen, you definitely knew that this robot was worth upgrading. The new game plus would be much easier. Aerial attacks man, aerial attacks. Guaranteed.

This was an excellent BGM LP released by Nippon Columbia back in 1980.
As with other BGM LPs, I do recommend that you at least watch the series. It will increase the immersive factor of the LP overall.
With this LP, it’s no different, five tracks on side one and six on the other side, managed to take you back to the adventures of Akira and his motor cycle, sucked into the robot Raideen, and launching arrows into random beast monster.
I wondered, which was the better one, “Fus Ro Dah”, or “God Ra Mu” from Raideen’s chest.
Hard call.

This LP came with minimal packaging, the insert follows a particular story line matching the fluid progression of the BGM tracks presented.
All in all, good catch.

Here’s a short sample from side two.

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