Votoms 1 – At Voodo | K22G-7136 (1983)

VOTOMSThe only time where I can forgive a real robot or any other complicated sci-fi not-so-super robot bull crap is when it is about military.

Votoms is almost one of them, but it still sucks Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s ball. Big time.

Vertical One Man Tank for Offense and Maneuvers? Here, some fried Mothra and Gamera’s balls. Free.


I watched this as an adult, and I didn’t like it. Yes, the story was somewhat interesting, but my animosity towards real robots had taken over. It was bad.

This King record release was packaged neatly in a gatefold format, some pictures here and there of the red jacket soldier, and a brief rendition of nudity. Forgiven.

The fifteen tracks flew easily to my rejecting sensory systems, like a child demanding attention.
It succeeded though, I thought the compositions were balanced and finely crafted.
Side one had eight tracks, and seven on the other.
It had two vocal tracks in the beginning and the end, fittingly placed.

This LP was the first of a few in this BGM compilation. Future reviews would cover them all.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? I wouldn’t think so, I felt like in a lonely bar, with no money to grab a cab home.

Here, a sample for your perusal.

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