Spielban | CQ-7114 (1986)

SpielbanSpielban (or Spielvan for pedantics out there, hello) was the last metal hero I could still enjoy watching.

After this one, the genre went downhill and I could never force myself to see those beetle themed incarnations.

This was a very “standard” hit song collection release from Columbia in 1986.
This LP featured ten tracks, with five on each side.
As per the standard at the time, Mizuki Ichirou sang a few; you couldn’t escape this.
The guy was a king.

I enjoyed the selected compositions, especially the upbeat ones on side two.
It was able to bring the grandeur of the Grand Nasca back to my memories.
My childhood robot watching cousins forum liked it too, this series was probably a good bye to the genre for many of them.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Possibly, more over if you haven’t watched the series before.

A short sample from a track called “Diana Action”, side one track 3. Pretty rad. Check below;

4 thoughts on “Spielban | CQ-7114 (1986)

  1. It was the end of the space sheriff-ish series but I recommend watching Jiraiya (very very good series of a young adult, broke, adopted, who also takes care of his siblings and teaches on his stepfather’s dojo, it’s like a japanese Peter Parker, for real) and Jiban (heavily influenced by Robocop but in a funny and family friendly way).


  2. Haha, Yes, I watched both Jiraiya and Jiban, but by that time I was already a teenager with pimples and other worldly stuffs, so the memory didn’t stick as much. All the metal heroes afterwards I consider as missing links – devoured by teenage days.


  3. Also, I’m not sure where exectly Spielban was mispelled/mistranslated into Spielvan but that is the translation we got here in Brazil, sorry it was changed but not our fault.
    PS: The same thing happened with Juspion being called Jaspion but that’s mostly related to the fonetics of the word in portuguese alphabet (in portuguese we read Juspion as Joospion and Jaspion as Jah-spion).

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  4. Btw I LOVE Jiraiya, it is my favorite tokusatsu of all time and I could not find the vinyl yet, which is very sad since I find it incredibly good, both the sang songs and the BGM, all very catchy. Mostly sang by Kushida Akira and two sang by the actors that played Jiraiya and his sister Emiha.


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