Ideon | SKD(H)-2018 (1980)

IdeonIdeon was big, very big.

If it goes head to head against SDF-1, my money goes to Ideon though, it can create black hole. Holy shit.

I didn’t remember much what the actual storyline for this series, nor do I care now.
As a kid, I recalled lots of conversations when watching this, and sometimes the red big robot just shoot random enemies to dust.
Well done, Ideon.

This was a King record release back in 1980. A balanced BGM album with 12 tracks, six on each side.
All in all, the tracks managed to bring the Ideon mood to the listeners, you are bound to feel a strong feeling of a space opera being pushed into your sensory system.

The packaging was neat, gatefold format, full of pictures from the series.
The poster was also excellent. Here, enjoy Kerala in all her glory.

Ideon Poster

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Possibly, even though the compositions were balanced, some of them ran too long for me.
For a BGM album, bite-size scores are usually more to my taste than the longer ones.

Here, a short sample from side-2.

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