Bubblegum Crisis 1 | LB28-5030 (1987)

Bubblegum CrisisWhen the genre shifted from Super Robot to Real Robot, I frowned.
When the genre shifted from Super Robot to girls wearing robot suits, I didn’t mind.

This is the year 2032, Bubblegum Crisis!

To everyone who might have stumbled to this site, I apologise for the lack of update last month.
My son was born, so yes, a bit busy. We cancelled the name “Jack” and opted to something else, so yes (again), the site’s name is kinda moot, but it’s OK, c’est la vie.

This 1987 Toshiba EMI LP under the label Futureland is excellent!!
Not only because of its not super–not ultra–but mega poster depicting one of the “slave” is beyond awesome, but the 12 tracks spread evenly across two sides are just mind blowing.
Vocal and instrumental tracks blended into a single adrenaline burner.

This LP is the first out of five ever released for this series.
I happen to have them all, stay tuned for reviews.
You may want to wear 80’s outfit while listening to this LP, almost every track beckons you to dance or at least to jog.
It’s a healthy LP, recommended for aerobics and post-natal new mother’s exercises.
My wife rejected the idea.

Here is the poster, weeeeeee!!

Bubblegum Crisis Poster 1

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Naaah, of course not. This is an excellent piece, full of energy and youth.

Here’s a short sample from side-2. Jog away!

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