Baxingar | K22G-7097 (1982)

BaxingarI don’t like writing this robot’s name like this, it makes me tempted to write Mazinger Z as Mazingar, which is weird and sucks every Baltan Seijin’s ball.

Number two of the J9 family, the Galactic Gale, Baxingar!

Everybody who contributed to the J9 series music are geniuses, hands down theoretical physicists material, analogous to people who gets paid for searching a new irrational number.

Genius People Playing Music
Genius People Playing Music

As a kid on his way to true perversion, I loved watching Layla on this series. Her outfit was always, engaging.
As for Baxingar itself, I wasn’t impressed due to the fact he was transforming from motorcycles, lesser class than his older brother Braiger.

This LP was released by King Record and it’s jam-packed with 34 tracks! 17 on each side.
Total eargasm festival ladies and gentlemen!

The poster was also rad, here’s a glimpse to make you drool.


Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? NO, definitely no.
The 17 tracks on each side feel so balanced and immersive with the memories of Baxingar’s adventure.

and here’s a sample from side-1; “Mama“.

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