SPT Layzner BGM Vol. 1 | K25G-7284 (1985)

LayznerLayzner is considered a real robot, so by right it sucks everybody in the planet’s ball.

But there’s something about that opening song…

I think this series suffers the same syndrome as Dorvack; the opening song is so cheesy it’s catchy.
Before long, you will be humming the melodies, and feel embarrassed immediately. It’s OK, I had it too.
In fact, before I decided to write this blog, Layzner’s BGM LP (Volume 1, this one) was constantly in my record player for casual listening. It’s musically brilliant, don’t worry.

This stereo King Record LP was released in 1985, and it had a poster with it originally, though mine didn’t. Donations?
The insert sheet had some anime stills and pretty much that’s it.

Layzner is also a YASWLLP (Yet Another Series With a Lot of LPs). *sigh* Wish me all the best so I can feature and comment on them one by one. It’s not a promise.
On a related note, my childhood robot watching cousin forum concluded that we didn’t watch it. Maybe it sucked too much to warrant our attention, or maybe the video shop just never stocked it.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No. might as well start humming away.

Here, a short sample.

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