Southern Cross – Shower Cologne | ANL-1029 (1984)

Southern CrossGirls Power!

I didn’t remember anything else about the series.

I only vaguely remember that of the three prominent girls, I hated the blonde one the most.
Turned out, she’s like the main one.

This was an Animage stereo LP, released in 1984 under the title “Shower Cologne”.
Twenty four tracks in total, featured evenly on the two sides of this neatly packaged gatefold LP.
The insert sheet showed a nude artwork of Jeanne, enough reason for me to grab this one without thinking twice.
I am easy like that.

Apart from the artworks shown and some of the characters bio, I didn’t get much information about the show from this LP.
It’s alright, this one was a super wonderful five star music compilation from Southern Cross.
Continuous and balanced, it took me to realms I forgot and talked to me about nostalgia.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, this LP will sit on your record player a lot, A LOT.

Here, two short samples on the character songs.
First one is Lana (although I intentionally put Jeanne’s nude picture on it).

Next, Marie.

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