Denjiman | CQ-7054 (1980)

DenjimanWhen Gavan quitted his space exploration, he had to become Denji Blue.
It’s hard economy, even for the super heroes.

Behold! The fourth of the Super Sentai, the electric team, Denjiman.

Although the English Wikipedia mentioned that the official international distro name for this series is Denziman, I’ll stick to the literal katakana pronunciation, Denjiman. Sounds 27,668 times cooler.

This series became a bridge between the colourful five-men team and the solo heroes fighting aliens in strange dimensions. Our clueless childhood forum agreed that at one stage we might see Sharivan joining the five-men team. We waited eagerly every time we rented new series from the video shop. It never happened.

This 1982 Columbia stereo LP release was a BGM album, my favourite kind.
Twelve tracks, six on each side. The mix of vocal versus instrumental songs were done well.
My wife thought the opening song was retarded, I thought it was glorious.
The LP’s insert sheet showed their rather weird pose formation, but it’s okay.

Here, a sample, per usual.

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