Danguard Ace | CW-7141 (1977)

Danguard AThe seventies was an era where 16 years olds were poised to save the world, piloting giant super robots, shouting random stuffs to unleash the robot’s arsenal.

It was a good era, No, great era.

Meet the miracle robot, Danguard A, or Ace.. well OK, suit your wish.

This was one of the earliest super robots I saw (with awe, as usual). I thought of only one thing back then, that is to grow up as a super robot pilot. I had noble intention, saving the world from the ever menacing aliens.
My father didn’t approve the idea and forced me to study math instead.

Takuma was a cool robot pilot, his outfit was almost the same as the main guy from Star Zinger, Jan Kugo, but that’s fine.
He sort of abused his giant super robot by just shouting random commands per the genre’s norm at the time.
I thought it’s super effective and nowadays tech companies are imitating it anyways, with Siri, Cortana, and the like.

Here, a sample of his abuse;

This stereo LP was released by Columbia in 1977 in gatefold format. It didn’t come with poster unfortunately.
The artworks on the inner sleeves were great, so no issues there.
It featured eight songs spread across both sides, and plenty of drama inserts between the intervals. Top stuffs all around.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? NO NO NO NO. You should practice your command shouting skills now.

Here, a sample from a track called “Love’s Aurora”. Rad.

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