Daitarn 3 | CQ-7002 (1980)

Daitarn 3 UpdateHahaa… this old series is still very clear in my head.
The robot was pretty good, but it wasn’t the highlight.

Look there! Banjo, the James Bond… and his Bond girls. :))))

My mother once explained to me that the other girl friend of Banjo was called Beauty. I didn’t know we could use adjectives as names. My brain couldn’t process, but I pressed on, watching and blushing with the forum.
I recalled the action scenes in Daitarn were super cool, but deep inside, we hid the truth. Pervert kids.

This monoaural LP release from Columbia in 1980 fell a bit short from my expectation though.
The sounds were great, but the continuity was not catered for.
The result, potential drop of mood in the middle of the listening run.
My wife thought it was rather crap; for once, I sort of agreed with her.

The LP itself was decent with nice cover of Banjo, and the insert sheet was nice with lyrics and illustrations.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes, maybe, but try to browse some Daitarn 3 pics to keep those eyes peeled.

Here, a short sample

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