Macross | JBX-25008 (1982)

MacrossI don’t care if Macross belongs to real robot genre, there’s nothing like seeing VF-1 flying aside SDF-1.

Behold! Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.

In our viewing group three decades ago, a consensus was reached. Roy Focker was deemed cooler than Ichijo Hikaru.
Some of my cousins had the toys, I had the T-Shirt. My father’s decision.

I deplored Robotech, I watched it waaay, after as a toddler, I observed the moving pictures that was Macross.
I thought then, Macross was better when I didn’t understand squat about the story; just Gerwalk shooting the poop out of the aliens, and watching Minmay singing 80s J-Pop in space.

This was a Victor LP released in 1982, and it’s a great one.
Space opera themes, combining the glorious opening song with various BGMs.
Twenty tracks in total, ten on each side. You are in for a satisfying flight aboard the Valkyrie.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No.
*sigh* Another Pandora’s box opened, I got so many Macross LPs which will need to be showcased as well.

Here, a sample of the tune called “Dog Fight”.

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