Dorvack | JBX-25031 (1983)

DorvackPowered armor Dorvack! (with an exclamation mark)
Because I didn’t know what else to say.

I have never seen this series, and probably never will. Mainly because it’s a shit looking military real robot.
If it were a shit looking military super robot, I’d probably still dive into the abyss of the internet to watch it.
But no, Dorvack, your place belonged to the real robot museum, and every kids’ head who had you as a toy.

This standard Victor LP record release of 1982 was half good half bad though!!
I was really moved when listening to side-1 and reading Dorvack’s wikipedia entries.
But then it kinda lost direction when side-2 started. I thought it suffered from lame vocal songs and lullabies unnecessarily.

The insert sheet was OK, anime stills and some lyrics, but nothing much.

Will you be  asleep before side-1 ends? No, but don’t play side-2.

Here, a sample of the opening song. It’s sooo cheesy it’s catchy.
地球にI Love You.

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