Vifam | K-10026 (1983)

VIFAMMaybe not every Real Robot sucks ball.

But Vifam does, big time.

A galactic drifter, a round-vernian, I don’t know what those means.
I don’t want to know.

Unfortunately I watched Vifam as a kid, and unfortunately I rather enjoyed it.
That was before my braincells were able to judge.
This doesn’t count, Vifam, you still suck balls.

This was a Warner-Pioneer release back in 1983, and it delivered Vifam’s space theme pretty well.
Especially on side-2, where even on my first listening run, I didn’t fall asleep.
The opening and ending song had some English lyrics which to my taste, totally unnecessary.

Miraculously enough, my wife thought she enjoyed this record for some reason.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes. Go straight to side-2.

Here, a sample of the first track of side-2. Vifam’s theme.

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